Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Fashion?

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to live in New York City. I did an internship at Anne Klein, working with the AKAK wovens team. This experience reminded me once again of why I choose fashion. Everybody knows that New York City breathes fashion. The streets, the styles, the displays of the stores, the media, and the urban city feel become a wonderland of inspirations. Fashion goes beyond a piece of fabric which the only function is to cover the body; it involves feelings, sensations, emotions, and communication. One can express their beliefs through what one wears. Fashion provides the opportunity to stand out in a crowd or blend in without even getting noticed. It allows real displays of personal life styles as well as fake displays of status. Fashion is using one's body as a form of blank canvas and combining ideas that one believes in and wants to share. This is a cycle that some follow without even noticing, and others consider it to be almost like a sacred daily ritual. Either way, fashion has its constant presence in most societies, communities, and groups around the world.  It is a little part of us that we expose everyday to the world.


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