Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sound of Fashion

Music and fashion walk side by side when it comes to new trends and styles.  Our very "humble" artists have the chance to experiment with the latest fashions out there, and introduce them to the rest of the world.  Some pop singers go to extremes (Lady Gaga in a meat dress) to develop a unique and near impossible to reproduce identity.  When we see our favorite band, or favorite singer wearing something different we immediately want to copy their styles.  At the most important fashion shows musicians are always in the front rows because they know that fashion is another way to connect to their fans.  Rihanna for instance is one of my favorite’s trend setters in the music world.  She is super versatile, she is a risk taker, and she can pull it off almost anything.  Taylor Swift is a good example of more classic inspired looks.  Her red lipstick became a huge hit in the fashion industry.  She has been on the cover of several fashion magazines, and her fans try to follow that same style.  There is no way of talking music and fashion without talking Lady Gaga.  She created a revolutionary bizarre fashion.  Daring and risqué designs are her true essence.  She is another pop icon that has been on the cover of many fashion magazines.  Her style brought a new "life" to fashion, and encouraged designers all around the globe to take chances and get inspired by Gaga's nothing less than extraordinary clothing.  Fashion designers are becoming more and more involved with the music industry; they are taking advantage of the power of the music business and incorporating with the fashion industry.  It is a fair exchange and we can all benefit from that.  


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Street Style at Ball State University Campus

This is so exciting, because this is the first time I post pictures of people at my college!!!!  You guys may not know but I am a college student in the United States.  I attend Ball State University with a major in fashion design.  The Ball State campus is a great area to scope many different fashion styles.  Walking around gives me a daily dose of personalities and attitudes expressed through clothing.  I took a picture of three girls in campus and they are only a few examples of what the students are wearing to school!

This first girl has a bohemiam look that translates into her own personality.  Hippie inspired items and doll like dresses are a must in her closet.  She follows fashion trends and fits them in her personal style. 

"Plaid is definitely not a fad." I took her picture because I am also a huge fan of plaid, and like her I think it adds a lot of personality to any outfit.  Her style is casual but fashion conscious.  She is hip and very versatile. 

Bethany is a risk taker and without a doubt a trend setter.  She has a very unique approach to fashion that stands out in the crowd.  She customizes a lot of her clothing and she is always on the search for vintage items.


Monday, September 19, 2011

New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

Let's talk about the most notorious week in New York City, the NY Fashion Week Spring 2012.  From September 8th to September 15th we were able to see what trends, styles, cuts, silhouettes, and colors will be "in" for Spring 2012.  Usually Spring shows are fun, colorful, and have lots of personalities, and this year was no different.  Shades of orange and yellows were all over the runways bringing an extra reminder of the warmer climate feel in Spring.  The sportswear vibe was constantly present on the runways with items such as exposed zippers, D-rings, bracer straps, plastic buckles, and many more.  20’s inspired styles became the focal point for elegance and sophistication.  Print was strongly defined in New York, monochromatic colorways and bold geometric received lots of emphasis as well.  Some of the set in stone trends were: sports day, sporting accessories, twenties, modern mixed with primitive patterns, primitive accessories, minimal whites, pastels, turquoise, lemon colorway, electric brights, color blocking, washed-out denim, geometrics, florals, collarless blazer, cardigan jackets, sequin tank tops, cutout shoulders, hi-lo hems, and contrast collars.   

With the 2012 Olympics in mind, consumers will love to grab the sportswear idea from runways shows and translate them into their own fashion language.  Many of the runway looks were very wearable and versatile for many types of customers.  The trends were diverse enough where it can be easily adept by brands such as Forever 21 and H&M for lower more affordable prices.  

Many of the designers kept a very casual approach, but with lots of colors and personality to each ensemble.  I believe for the future designers will continue to explore organic and geometric shapes to create extraordinary prints and textiles which to me are what differentiate a collection.  The way a fashion designer manipulates its prints bring a unique characteristic for the designer’s style.  In the past taking high risks could have meant total fail, but today fashion reached a spot where creativity and art are well accepted and expected on the shows.  Falguni & Shane Peacock had a jaw dropping show.  It was a cross between Versace and Alexander McQueen.  More than clothing, the show became a mobile art exposition.  

BCBG Max Azria

Falguni & Shane Peacock

Carolina Herrera

Tory Burch

 Calvin Klein


Marc Jacobs

Cynthia Rowley

 Herve Leger

Oscar de la Renta


Carlos Miele



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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Fashion?

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to live in New York City. I did an internship at Anne Klein, working with the AKAK wovens team. This experience reminded me once again of why I choose fashion. Everybody knows that New York City breathes fashion. The streets, the styles, the displays of the stores, the media, and the urban city feel become a wonderland of inspirations. Fashion goes beyond a piece of fabric which the only function is to cover the body; it involves feelings, sensations, emotions, and communication. One can express their beliefs through what one wears. Fashion provides the opportunity to stand out in a crowd or blend in without even getting noticed. It allows real displays of personal life styles as well as fake displays of status. Fashion is using one's body as a form of blank canvas and combining ideas that one believes in and wants to share. This is a cycle that some follow without even noticing, and others consider it to be almost like a sacred daily ritual. Either way, fashion has its constant presence in most societies, communities, and groups around the world.  It is a little part of us that we expose everyday to the world.


Friday, May 6, 2011