Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Sound of Fashion

Music and fashion walk side by side when it comes to new trends and styles.  Our very "humble" artists have the chance to experiment with the latest fashions out there, and introduce them to the rest of the world.  Some pop singers go to extremes (Lady Gaga in a meat dress) to develop a unique and near impossible to reproduce identity.  When we see our favorite band, or favorite singer wearing something different we immediately want to copy their styles.  At the most important fashion shows musicians are always in the front rows because they know that fashion is another way to connect to their fans.  Rihanna for instance is one of my favorite’s trend setters in the music world.  She is super versatile, she is a risk taker, and she can pull it off almost anything.  Taylor Swift is a good example of more classic inspired looks.  Her red lipstick became a huge hit in the fashion industry.  She has been on the cover of several fashion magazines, and her fans try to follow that same style.  There is no way of talking music and fashion without talking Lady Gaga.  She created a revolutionary bizarre fashion.  Daring and risqué designs are her true essence.  She is another pop icon that has been on the cover of many fashion magazines.  Her style brought a new "life" to fashion, and encouraged designers all around the globe to take chances and get inspired by Gaga's nothing less than extraordinary clothing.  Fashion designers are becoming more and more involved with the music industry; they are taking advantage of the power of the music business and incorporating with the fashion industry.  It is a fair exchange and we can all benefit from that.  



  1. hey love. missing you in the blogging world. i hope you're doing fabulous. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo

  2. oiii... meu nome é Ana Carolina Barros e passei aqui para divulgar uma nova linha de roupa, se chama Carol Barros, a linha é minha e as criações também!! espero que você goste, qualquer coisa meu imail é e a loja virtual é
    muito obrigado pela atenção!!